An Effective Thanksgiving

Posted on 01 Feb 2015, Pastor: Tolu Makinde
An Effective Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving is our way of expressing gratitude towards God
  • Thanksgiving is our way of showing our appreciation for all that He has done, for all He is doing, and for all He is yet to do.
  • Thanksgiving is a way of humbling ourselves before God because lack of thanksgiving is a sign of pride.

1. Thanksgiving is not conditional

2. Prayers must be packaged with Thanksgiving

3. Thanksgiving is a way to stay connected with God

4. Thanksgiving seals our blessings, miracles, and testimonies for good.

5. Thanksgiving must be effective

  1. Be heartfelt – not superficial, not fake
  2. Cost you something
  3. Must be packaged with a testimony.
6. Reasons you should be full of thanks this year.
  1. Some people that were younger than you died last year and did not make it into this year
  2. God did not and will not allow any form of sickness or disease to come near you
  3. It attributes all your successes and achievements to God
  4. It’s an evidence of your reliance on God, even when things are not so good.
  5. It confuses the enemy
  6. It is a form of humility before God
  7. In anticipation of your expectations in the year 2015