Divine Timing, Season & Process

Posted on 13 Oct 2019, Pastor: Tolu Makinde
Title: Divine Timing, Season, & Process
Text: Eccl. 3:1
[Ecc 3:1]  To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven:
  • Everything has a season
  • There is a time for every purpose under heaven
  • There a season you are passing through right now
  • There is a season for a child to be carried in the womb
  • There is a season for a child to be born
  • There is a season for a child to walk and talk
  • There are divine processes that order those seasons
  • If a child that was born today were to start walking and talking, what would happen?
  • There is a divine timing, season, and process for everything in life
  • The process governs the season, divine timing determines when the season manifests.
  • By this divine process, destinies are fulfilled
Main Topic
Let’s review the case of Joseph in Gen 37, 39-50
Dreaming Season
  • Joseph was a child of age to Jacob, so he loved him more than his brothers.
  • Parents, please don’t love one child more than the others.  You are sowing a seed of hatred and jealousy against that child.
  • Joseph was a dreamer.  He had two dreams: His brothers sheaves were bowing down to his sheaf.  The Sun, the moon, the stars pay obeisance to him.
  • For his dreams, his brothers hated him more
  • However, from these two dreams, he learned how to interpret dreams
  • So, in the dreaming season, he learned the process for interpreting dreams.
Slavery Season Phase 1
  • One day his father sent him to check on his brothers in the field.
  • As he was coming, they said, here comes the dreamer, let’s kill him and see what becomes of his dreams – dream killers
  • Reuben intervened and planned to save him from their hands.  They cast him into a pit.
  • Later, his brothers sold him to Ishmeelite traders as a slave.
  • The Ishmeelite traders took him to Egypt.  
  • On the way to Eqypt, Joseph learned how to trade
  • In the first phase of slavery, Joseph learned the process of trading
Slavery Season Phase 2
  • At Egypt, Joseph was sold as a slave to Potiphar – a general in Pharaoh’s army.
  • At Potiphar’s house, Joseph was the managing director.  Everything prospered in his hands.
  • Potiphar did not even know what he has and what he doesn’t have.
  • Joseph learned how to command, organize and structure things.
  • In the second phase of slavery, Joseph learned the process of commanding, organizing, and structuring things.
Prison Season
  • After some time, Potiphar’s wife casted her eyes on Joseph. Joseph refused.  She lied on him that he tried to rape her.
  • Joseph was sent to Pharaoh’s prison.
  • In prison, the Lord was still with Joseph.
  • In prison, Joseph learned how to be in charge of an organization.
  • Joseph was in charge of all the prisoners.
  • [Gen 39:22]  And the keeper of the prison committed to Joseph’s hand all the prisoners who were in the prison; whatever they did there, it was his doing.
  • Joseph became the boss of the prisoners.
In 4 seasons of his life, Joseph learned
  1. How to interpret dreams
  2. How to trade
  3. How to command, organize, and structure things
  4. How to be in charge of an organization
  5. He also learned the Egyptian language
The Butler and the Baker – Divine connection
  • Pharaoh was upset with his butler and baker and threw them into prison
  • One night, they both had a dream and were disturbed by the dream
  • Joseph saw their long faces and asked them what was the problem
  • They told him their dreams.  From the skill he picked up in his dreaming season, he interpreted the dreams for them.
  • The butler will be restored and the baker will be executed.
  • Just as he said, the butler was restored and the baker was executed.
  • Joseph told the butler, remember me when you get to Pharaoh.  However, the butler did not remember Joseph.
  • If the butler had remembered Joseph, the timing would not have been favorable to Joseph to his destiny.
  • There was no need for Joseph or his skills outside the prison.  What would Pharaoh want with a Jewish slave?
Pharaoh’s Dreams
  • However, two years later, Pharaoh had two dreams that none of his wise men could interpret.
  • All of a sudden, the butler remembered Joseph.
  • The skills of Joseph was needed in the palace.  Joseph changed his garments and dressed for success to enter the palace.
  • Change your dressing for where you are going, not where you are today.
  • Joseph was brought before Pharaoh.  Pharaoh told him the dreams.  All the skills that Joseph picked up in different, painful, disturbing, suffering seasons of his life worked in his favor.
  1. How to interpret dreams – He interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams
  2. How to be in charge of an organization – He told Pharaoh to put someone with wisdom in charge
  3. How to command, organize, and structure things – The person will command, organize, and structure how they will collect and store grains all over Egypt.
  4. How to trade – He told Pharaoh that they will trade the grains in latter 7 years of the famine.
  5. He also learned the Egyptian language – He spoke to Pharaoh in Pharaoh’s language
  • Pharaoh looked around and said, where can I find this person?  Since you are the one describing it, it might as well be you.
By the process of the seasons in Joseph’s life, he fulfilled his destiny.
Dangers of not going through the proper process:
  1. Whatever was gained will not last or will be lost
  2. One will always be a novice (an inexperienced individual)
  3. Damages would have been done and losses would have been incurred
  4. Destinies will not be fulfilled
  5. It will result in failure
  • There is a season for your life
  • There is a time for every purpose in your life
  • Learn as much as you can and make the best out of whatever situation you find yourself in
  • A day is coming that what you learned in adversity will be used in your favor.