I Need A Miracle

Posted on 04 Dec 2014, Pastor: Tolu Makinde
Text: John 2:1-11


When you think of miracles, you think of
  • The parting of the red sea
  • A 90 year old woman carrying a pregnancy to full term
  • Feeding 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish
  • Healing the blind man from birth
  • Raising Lazarus from the dead
  • When the lame man from birth began to walk
  • When the impotent man of 38 years began to walk
  • When the woman with infirmity of 18 years was healed
  • When the woman with the issue of blood was healed
  • When the withered hand became straight
  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ for the salvation of our souls
    • Our salvation is a miracle

The miraculous happen:
  • When the laws of physics are suspended in order for your needs to be met
  • When the light of God shines and the powers of darkness cannot stand against it
  • When the bondage of the enemy is broken by a higher power
  • When God shows up in the situation
  • When there is a desperate need for God to intervene
  • When the situation is hopeless but there is hope in Most High
  • When God is the only option for the solution
Main Topic
The Miraculous Wine – John 2:1-11
  • The very first miracle performed by Jesus Christ
  • There was a marriage ceremony in Cana
  • The mother of Jesus, Jesus, and the disciples were invited to the ceremony
  • During the ceremony, they ran out of wine
  • Running out of wine implies the following:
    • Wine is symbolic for blood (communion) and blood is the life of an animal
    • No wine means no life in the ceremony or the marriage ceremony is dead
    • Their marriage was dead even before they started
    • Running out of wine is a thing of shame
    • That they could not afford the wedding – because they could not feed them
  • The mother of Jesus realized the dire situation and the possible consequences
  • They were desperate for a solution
  • She interceded by calling on the Life Giver
    • Notice she only told Him the problem – “they have no wine”
    • She did not tell Him the solution
    • Jesus responded with “my hour is not yet come”
    • She did not give up or be deterred by His statement – she was confident that Jesus will do something
    • She took a step of faith by telling the servants “whatsoever He saith unto you, do it”
  • The miraculous happened:
    • There were six waterpots – available vessels for the miraculous
    • Filled with water – water is symbolic of the Holy Spirit
    • Filled to the brim – the vessels must be filled with the Holy Spirit
    • Draw out – with faith, the miraculous is birthed from the Holy Spirit through the vessels
    • Out of the Holy Spirit the miraculous is birthed
    • Water was in the waterpots – wine was in the cup. Until they draw with a cup, there was no wine
    • Until faith and obedience were applied, there was no miracle
  • The wine was given to the governor of the feast – He tasted it and realized that the best wine was saved for the last
  • Wine was restored into the wedding – the best wine
  • Life was restored into the wedding
  • The bride and groom were delivered from the shame of the enemy
Purpose of a Miracle
  1. To deliver from bondage (including sickness) – John 5:1-18
  2. To nullify shame – John 2:1-11
  3. To win the battle against the powers of darkness – Ex. 14:26-31
  4. To magnify and glorify the name of the Most High God – Acts 3:1-10
Are you in any situation that no man can help?
Is God your only option to the solution?
Does the solution appear to be impossible or hopeless?
Are you desperate for the solution?
Then you need a miracle.
  1. Invite Jesus to the situation – Jesus was invited to the wedding
  2. Intercession for the miraculous must be made – Jesus’ mother said, “They have no wine”
  3. Jesus determines the timing of the miracle – whether you wait 1 day or 1000 days
  4. “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it” – Obedience is required – Holiness is key to be used for the miraculous
  5. “Six waterpots” – There must be available vessels
  6. “Fill with water” – The vessels must be filled with the Holy Spirit
  7. The miraculous must be drawn from the infilling of the Holy Ghost by faith – Your faith is required
  8. The miraculous is better than everything else – there are no side effects
  1. Father, I need a miracle in this situation, please manifest Your miracle in Jesus name.
  2. Father, Moses was not disappointed at the red sea, let me not be disappointed in this situation in Jesus name
  3. Father, You are my only hope, let me not be put to shame in Jesus name
  4. Father, as You miraculously deliver the children of Israel, deliver me in Jesus name